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Donation Requests

The Greenville Swamp Rabbits are committed to the Upstate community and are happy to help the community by providing tickets, merchandise, or gameday experiences to non-profit fundraisers and other events throughout the Upstate.

We respectfully ask that each organization request one donation per calendar year, and the request must be sent at least one calendar month before the event. Please fill out the following form and your request will be considered. All decisions are final.

The following are required to be considered for a donation:

  • The donation must be for an accredited 501c3 organization. All requests must be from the accredited 501c3 organization itself with issued number and documentation in the request.
  • The donation item(s) must be used to raise money, and not to be used as a door prize, a giveaway, an award, or an incentive.
  • The organization must be in the Upstate area.

If you have any questions, please email Libby Shenberger (Lshenberger@swamprabbits.com).